Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mugabe's man in the church

His name is Nolbert Kunonga.

He claims to still be a man of the cloth.

Yet, this is what he does.
Riot police backing Nolbert Kunonga have beaten up congregants in Harare and locked them out of the city's St Mary's and All Saints Cathedral on Christmas Day despite a high court order instructing police not to interfere in church activities.

Mr Kunonga, who has often voiced support for Mr Mugabe and has been given a farm seized from its former white owners, was bishop of Harare when he split from the Anglican province of Central Africa in 2007 and declared himself an "archbishop".
(bold added by me. Typographical mistakes in the quote have been corrected from the original.)

No recognized Anglican Church leader in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) supports the Mugabe regime. This man is simply another ZANU-PF kleptocrat.

When the day comes, he goes 'to the wall' with the rest.

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