Friday, October 2, 2009

Will "No" stand?

It is voting day in Ireland for the second try by the E.U. to pass the Lisbon Treaty. Ireland remains the only E.U. member state to put this version of the centralization-of-power-in-Brussels to a referendum, and the last time, it went "No" by a margin of ~7%... in European politics, that kind of margin made it "Hell No".

But never let such little matters interfere with the dreams of the Eurocrats. If it wouldn't pass on the first go, make them vote again.

The BBC has it that "Yes" will win this time.

Time for the Irish to save civilization, again, and make the Beeb look bad in the process.

Vote No on the Lisbon Treaty.


Update 3. Oct

Aw... RATS.

The final numbers are not yet in, but Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Brian Cowen's government is claiming victory for "Yes".

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