Friday, October 16, 2009

MDC Boycotts "Unity" Government.

This is good news in two parts for the future of Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), but it is going to be tough in the short run.

First came word that Roy Bennett has been allowed bail again... which at least keeps him out of Mugabe's ZANU-PF -run jails...

and then came word of the boycott:
Zimbabwe's opposition MDC said it would boycott the country's power-sharing government until sticking points have been resolved and a political deal is reached, sparking the biggest crisis since the administration was formed nine months ago.
Prime Minister (in name) and Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai used some choice words in his announcement about the treatment that the "Unity" government has gotten from the Mugabe regime, too.

This also puts the pressure on South Africa's President J. Zuma and the SADC regional bloc to put some effective pressure on Robert Mugabe... which would be a first... because things like *this* are already being said:
Tsvangirai said if the new constitutional crisis escalated further, it would only be resolved by holding fresh elections under supervision of the United Nations and SADC.
Actually, that would be a very fine outcome in the long run.

The rub is that in the short run, there are too many ZANU-PF thugs hauling in too much money and power for them to go quietly into the night. Indeed, the chance that a new government with a new constitution behind it would take the entirely reasonable opportunity to run the thieves down and settle scores is real enough that the Kleptocrats won't go down without a fight.

Best be planning for that fight now. The day will come.

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