Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Push

It is Sunday Afternoon somewhere, after all...

Here's your place to start something of your own interest. This thread is left open to comments for folks to make their own fun or leave messages for me about breaking news events. The usual rules still apply: play nice.

This isn't all for today, though. I have something big enough to be The Weekly N&C, but rather time-sensitive (relates to a matter from Saturday's news cycle), so you'll be getting a Special N&C in just a little while.

Thank you as always for coming here!


Susan said...

so glad you haven't given up==
as for posting misc. here- I guess the Hilton on Margarita Island or something like this, in Venezuela, now belongs to Hugo== where as you know, the likes of Gaddafi, Mugabe, and those other evil idiots had their meeting last September 30---
Who the hell would want to stay there anyway as a tourist, when evil spirits lurk in the hallways?

Susan said...

I missed reading your posts--

I have a lot of catching up to do, as I can see.

As Tama sits on the keys~

L.Douglas Garrett said...

Welcome back, Susan! We missed you, too.

Yes, Hugo A-go-go did call in the property license on the Hilton on Margarita Island. It is probably just another of his expropriation of property schemes... but who knows, he might just turn it into a Hezbollah-run Country Club, or something.

Susan said...



Susan said...

Who is Ocariz?

L.Douglas Garrett said...


"Who is Ocariz?"

You're going to have to give a little context to that question, Susan. That's a moderately common family name.