Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mugabe's prosecutors move to indict Roy Bennett

The title almost says it all, as of today.

In Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), Roy Bennett of the Movement for Democratic Change party of Morgan Tsvangirai faces a motion to indict Wednesday on charges of "Terrorism".

As this comes to a head, expect there to be some serious doubts raised about the MDC participation in the "Unity Government"... which *still* hasn't stopped the land seizures and thuggery by Mugabe's ZANU-PF gangsters... and still trumps up charges against members of the opposition.

There is the small chance of a display of judicial independence putting the boot to these accusations. If so, bravo for the magistrate... but it could be a fatal act of independence...


This topic has been covered previously, at the time of the arrest, here at CompHyp.


Update 14.Oct

The indictment stands. Roy Bennett has had his bail cancelled and is remanded into custody pending trial. New bail is legally possible, but given the charges not likely anytime soon.

It is, after all, a political prosecution.


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