Monday, February 2, 2009

The Weekly N&C for February 2nd, 2009

If one does not have anything nice to say...

I think I had best follow those sage words today.

In the mean time, here are four items worth the time to read:

Besides the coming referendum in Venezuela on making H. Chavez President-for-life, it seems Mr. Obama will be meeting with Chavez in April.

The North Koreans have been posturing for a couple weeks now, but all the signs are out there that they actually intend to start shooting at something.

In a move this author strongly disagrees with, the Obama administration has chosen to replace the chief of the campaign against AIDS.

With 26 million migrant workers about to discover they have no job to return to, there is a very strong possibility of social disorder in the P.R. China as the factory shutdowns are just hitting now, after the Lunar New Year.

And, since the declared policy of some of the new hands at the United Nations is to substantially increase the effort in Darfur, Sudan, it should be noted that the Government of Sudan is not exactly cooperating.


Karl Reisman said...

Here's some more issues or bad news.
Stunning news from Moscow: Russian news agencies are reporting that the government of Kyrgyzstan will close Manas Air Base, a vital conduit for U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

L.Douglas Garrett said...


Aye, bad bad very bad.

The Russians bought them off, according to media reports. They want the base for their Central Asian deployment center, and were willing to pay lots of money (by Kyrgyz standards) to get that access, but...

...*as of today* the U.S. government has received no formal notice from GovKyrgyzstan that the lease is in any way changed.

I suspect there is a back-room deal happening.