Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Victoria Fires

The pictures have been all over the news.

When a wild brush fire in a developed country kills as many as 300 people over a couple of days, the media picks up and notices.

What one likely has heard, if one follows the news, is that the Fires seem to have been Arson.

One fire bug sets one fire and then pulls back to watch the fun... ten fires in an afternoon, if he's ardent about seeing his fire grow...

The Victoria Fires include over 400 separate fires.

Twenty three major blazes are still out of control.


Karl Reisman said...

Some of them seem to have been but three of the large ones according to the article have not been. If you like I have several contacts in Australia, do you want me to ping them for local news fopr you?


L.Douglas Garrett said...


As always, local sources are of value, however...

I really mean local.

I've got three folks in NSW sending to me / posting on their sites about the fires; a Queenslander of old association who likes to read "all" the National Newspapers; and lots of general media access. None of that is "local". My one good contact from right in the region is observing the events from a safe distance... New Zealand.


What can't be seen from here is if some intrepid local journalist in Victoria is making himself useful by reporting on the investigation. That'll surface first on local TV, radio, or in the major city paper.

You have some of *that* on tap, bring it.