Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday come on Monday Push

Four hours sleep and a 'Maebashi Monday' does not a good blogger make...

Worse yet for my mood, the one really competent foreign policy guy in the otherwise amateur DPJ government here, Maehara, just resigned because his accounting staff didn't seem to remember that life-in-Japan multi-generation Korean nationals are still *foreigners* and thus can't donate money to politicians or parties here. Way to go, Staff. Stupid mistakes like this cause panic in the political ranks; suddenly no one wants to even look like they are doing something contrary to the Political Funds Control Law; makes it even harder for *this* foreigner to get clients in government (for example; and that isn't a donation. it is paid work).


Anyway... here's your Open Thread for this week.

The usual rules apply: Play Nice.

As always, thank you All for coming here.

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