Thursday, March 17, 2011

In the dark...

Well, not literally. We had our three-hour share of the rolling blackout come through earlier today. But as to when and if I go back out on a work call... well, that I'm in the dark about.

I'm home tonight (local time), having had a day to myself for the first time since Saturday. The panic in the foreign media has resulted in some teams being pulled back to cities, away from any nuclear plant dangers, and other foreign teams simply being pulled out and sent home.

So I'm off stand-by, but not really at liberty to do much: (1) there's not much to do, any way, and; (2) if some sense of safety overtakes my clients, then there will be the immediate need to get teams up north where the *real* story... the massive rescue and recovery operation from the direct damage... is still going on.

The latest estimate has 14,000 people dead or missing, 450,000 people in temporary shelter... and it's snowing heavily up there.

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