Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Freedom for Iran: Dec 7th Protests

A tough day for the "Green Movement", faced with literally thousands of anti-riot police and Basij militiamen, but somehow they got through it with some successes.

the down side: More than 200 protesters were arrested.

fight to a draw: The grounds of Tehran University were surrounded, isolated and even enshrouded by a "wall" of hanging cloth to prevent photography of what happened during the (allowed) Student Day protest. So the freelancers took pictures of the police and militia thugs...

the up side: With no actual call for protests by any of the main "Green Movement" political figures, demonstrations broke out in a wide number of places.
The turnout in Monday's protests — fueled by students marching by the thousands on more than a dozen campuses around the country — showed that months of arrests and government intimidation had failed to stamp out the movement.
That is what is needed to keep the cause alive; that it continue to be widespread.

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