Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Eritrea sanctioned

On a vote of 13-1 with one abstention, the United Nations Security Council has placed sanctions upon Eritrea over its interventions in the Somalia Civil War.
The resolution places an arms embargo on Eritrea, and also imposes travel bans and asset freezes on businesses and individuals.
The means of enforcement have not been promulgated yet.


Simon Mace said...

What you need to ask is who is benefiting from this and who is pulling the strings.
Ethiopia is benefiting to the tune of $3billion, and the other countries that make the IGAD (Djibouti, Uganda etc) who instigated all this are the main beneficiaries of the WOT in Somalia.
It is typical concocted propaganda to hide their own involvement and Ethiopia’s crimes.
The sad thing is AU and UN are being used as a rubber stamps for the few countries adventures in Somalia and in the Horn of Africa.
In 2007 the UN monitoring group published the same falsified report that claimed 2000 Eritrean Special forces were dispatched to Somalia before the invasion, yet not a single Eritrean soldier was found dead or alive in Somalian soil. You are a journalist, go and ask the UN where did they vanish to ?
But there are evidence upon evidence of the US, Ethiopia, AU peace keepers running arms in Somalia. Here are few links from Reuters incase you have forgotten.
Have you asked why the very Ilyushin 76 that the UN monitoring group accused Eritrea of using to transport arms, crashed in lake victoria transporting American Dyncorp contractors and AMISOM soldiers ?

Well never mind, we live in make belief world, where Ethics and Justice does not exist.

L.Douglas Garrett said...

@Simon Mace

Well, there's no "never mind" about it, especially as you are asking all the right questions.

What you need to be careful of, if I may, is to keep separate the "legal" interventions on behalf of the Somalia TFG and all the other acts of intervention occuring.

But by all means, yes, ask all those questions...

Simon Mace said...

There is a lot to this story.

Eritrea was a staunch ally that was in the vanguard of WOT, and successfully the encroachment of fundamentalists when OBL was hiding in the Sudan.

before this madness.

It is like comedy of errors, just getting worse.