Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Freedom for Iran: Countermeasures

The regime rolled out counter-protests today, massing thousands of regime supporters, and turned loose the media machine with a favored old saw in hand: blame foreigners
The elite Revolutionary Guards accused the foreign media of joining hands with the opposition to harm the Islamic state and the British ambassador to Tehran was summoned by the Iranian government to be accused of "interference" in state matters.

"If Britain does not stop talking nonsense it will get a slap in the mouth," Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said. The British government said their envoy would respond "robustly" to any criticism.
Perhaps more importantly, the authorities are also sweeping up opposition members.
Iranian authorities on Monday arrested several prominent aides of opposition leaders and a former foreign minister, according to opposition Web sites -- the latest move by Tehran in its more than six-month effort to stamp out anti-regime protests.
All of this, coincidentally(?), with just days remaining before the P5+1 negotiators (UNSC Permanent members, plus Germany) reach their year-end deadline on the decision as to what sanctions or actions will answer the Ahmadinejad government's refusal to cease nuclear proliferation activities.

A pivotal moment approaches.

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