Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Open Push

Same Story, Different Day. Just Worse.

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Here's an Open thread just to keep things available here. yadayada Rules; yadayada Play Nice.

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Will said...

I'm glad to see Prime Minister Noda has called for reactor restarts. Does anyone think he'll be able to make it happen?

L.Douglas Garrett said...


It is something. The two he mentioned are IIRC the KanDen (Kansai Electic Power Co.) reactors that have cleared new safety rules while shut down for regular maintenence... and that utility is desperately short of alternative generation capability... so maybe desperation will over-rule political fears... but it might take a few days in the high 30's (high 90's F) with airconditioning and refrigeration failing all over the Oosaka metro area to drive home the point.

Will said...

I read that 2 reactors have restarted/are restarting. Will this spread do you think?

L.Douglas Garrett said...


Not sure.

There is a lot from the local politicos in the Kansai region about how this is "a temporary measure"... which shows just how little they actually know about starting up and running a nuclear power station...

but the real fight will be in the bureaucracy (almost exclusively in Toukyou) as to what can be done in reforming the Nuclear Regulatory organzation: they do something meaningful and most of the local political types will have something to point to when they then knuckle under to necessity; no reform of note = any local official supporting nuclear power restarts will face massive opposition.

Note one of the basic psychology points of ordinary people here... They try something new, maybe like it, maybe don't, try it some more, *but* if they ever decide they don't like it, that mindset is then very hard (nearly impossible) to change.

Nuclear power in Japan is faced with its "don't like it" moment.


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