Thursday, June 21, 2012

Update: And then the Title can be entered.

OK, the compose window works now...

...but you may notice a lack of a Title...

...because that still doesn't work. I can click on the "Post title" entry, but I can't enter anything.

Let's see if it will post.



It does! That means: ((quick edit later)) AH HAH! I can edit the title in an existing posting. We have a work-around until Blogger gets a clue.

Update 2: as of Sunday, 24.June, things are working as designed again. Hurrah!


Will said...

I see from the Economist that the consumption tax (is that more like VAT or sales tax?) is going up to 10%, although not for a few more years.

How is this being viewed inside Japan?

L.Douglas Garrett said...

It's a sales tax on retail transactions.

It will only go up if... the final version of the bill passes both houses, and... the government does not fall in the rising outpouring of popular ire over this and a dozen other acts of governmental malpractice that can be pinned on the administration.

Does that answer the "how is this being viewed" part?