Wednesday, April 11, 2012


When reports came in of yet another large earthquake of Aceh, Indonesia, it looked like things were going to be pretty bad. 8.6 magnitude and only about 500km southwest, out in the Indian Ocean in a very bad place for generating tsunamis.

Now, a bit after those reports, major wire services are all reporting (for example)
"There have been no immediate reports of damage or casualties."
...even with an aftershock above 8 magnitude, things look to have been mostly survivable. Unconfirmed pictures from Aceh show some damage, though.

There was a tsunami generated by the main 'quake, but it was small (10cm at one location in Thailand).


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Mr. Bill said...

Reddit, an aggregation site of all sorts of things, has a number of knowledgeable users who post useful information. In the case of the pair of earthquakes, one user explains why there weren't significant tsunamis resulting from the seismic activity:

In case you cannot see it, the user "masamunecyrus" posted that the type of earthquake that happened (strike-slip) is unlikely to result in a devastating tsunami.