Thursday, April 12, 2012


North Korea earned a host of charges about sanction-busting and violating UNSC resolutions with their "satellite launch" plans...

...and today, they added littering to the charge. The launch failed around first stage separation.

Oh, and the embarrassment is pretty deep.

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Mr. Bill said...

They forgot the rubber cement.

Not that the powers-that-be in a dictatorship are ever ones for self-reflection, I do wonder sometimes what NK would be like if they used all those resources to develop agriculture instead of a missile program. So, instead of developing "scary" tech in the short term, building up a robust & healthy populace, sending the smarter ones off to school in the PRC and other "safe" places, bringing the education back to build their own universities, in order to be a whole, "scary" civilization 20-40 years down the road. I guess it's a good thing they're a seemingly impatient lot.