Saturday, November 5, 2011

Two for the good guys.

There is a of lot bad happening out there. Yeah, I'll write about that too. Just not today. Today, we get two in the win column for the good guys:

On 2.November, Viktor Bout was convicted. Took the best part of three years to land the fish, and there are appeals to be made, but the case held together. Unanimous jury to convict.

Today, word came out of the killing of "Alfonso Cano" (Guillermo Leon Saenz), the leader of the FARC since 2008. Colombian Armed Forces bombed his base and then sent in the airmobile teams and finished him and his escort in a firefight. Good riddance and haste to dismantling as much of the FARC as possible.

Job well done in both.

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Will said...

I've been quietly celebrating since Baut's conviction was announced. I admit to more than a little schadenfreude while listening to Russia's protests.

FARC's loss was a lovely surprise to wake up to this morning. I wouldn't have listed him in my top ten, but the fact that there was no foreshadowing made it a nice dollop in my morning Coffee.