Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Three items, all not promising:

Japan and the U.S.A. still can't come up with a plan for relocating the Futenma airbase assets.

The en(Yen; JPY)-dollar(US$) exchange rate hit a new all-time low in spite of the fact that there is nothing happening in the Japanese economy worthy of such strength... and indeed it kills our still-significant export manufacturing sector.

There is still no real, broad based support for joining the TPP free trade talks (outside the tourism industry), even though the Asian Development Bank analysis shows a minimum of +1% to GDP if Japan were to be party to the agreement as currently planned.

Gee... with all those things a mess (cooperative defense; foreign direct investment; the export sector) you'd think the government would be knuckling down and trying to figure out how to make government more efficient and, if not smaller, at least not larger...

Clearly you don't understand. The ruling party only has time to talk about raising the sales tax. Silly you for thinking otherwise.

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