Saturday, September 24, 2011


This is an item I've been holding on the desk since last month when I was doing a round of Kimberley Process -related work...

*This* is why the European Union should not be trying to continue to allow diamonds mined at Marange, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), onto the world market:
The main torture camp uncovered by the programme is known locally as "Diamond Base". Witnesses said it is a remote collection of military tents, with an outdoor razor wire enclosure where the prisoners are kept.

It is near an area known as Zengeni in Marange, said to be one of the world's most significant diamond fields. The camp is about one mile from the main Mbada mine that the EU wants to approve exports from.

The company that runs the mine is headed by a personal friend of President Mugabe. A second camp is located in nearby Muchena.
This won't end until the ZANU-PF Kleptocracy is driven from power...

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