Saturday, September 10, 2011

All you need to know about...

...the quality of the new administration here in Japan.

It took the Noda naikaku (jp: Cabinet; Administration) a grand total of eight days in office to pull this stunt.

Not like they had much left on the bench to form this Cabinet: the Hatoyama and Kan governments didn't have a lot of depth; those also used up several people's "turn" in less than useful assignments, and; the one strong talent available (Maehara Seiji; S. Maehara) almost took a pass on even trying for the leadership because he recognizes that between talent available and the challenges out there that are repeatedly dragging down administrations, this really isn't the time to be volunteering for what looks a whole lot like 'taking one for the team'.

Expect more slip-ups from the current crew and don't take any bets on them lasting even the "expected" one year in office without some serious odds on the wager.

It could be worse, though.

Ozawa Ichirou (I. Ozawa) could have gotten the Premiership.


Will said...

I was a little surprised to hear that Ozawa Ichirou didn't win the position. It seemed like a hopeful sign that he was left out again.

Japan has had a tough year. It doesn't need fools in the cabinet adding to the problem.

L.Douglas Garrett said...


Lucky us, this time. Fair to say though that Noda let a few Ozawa men into Party and Cabinet offices, though. They're going to bear some careful watching, I think.