Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Harper gets his majority

The results are pretty much all in... and it sure looks good. The Tories needed 155 to form a majority and they are all-but-certification to get 167 seats.

There is a new Opposition as well; The NDP is the largest out-party with an expected 102 seats. The Liberals and the Bloc Quebecois are literally non-factors after this (and may stay that way for a while). Here are the highlights, from the Globe and Mail:
The extent of the transformation is startling. The Liberals now hold just four seats west of Guelph, Ont. The Conservatives, formerly shunned by Toronto voters, won nearly half of the seats in that city, twice as many as the Liberals.

The Bloc Québécois, which defined Quebec federal politics for two decades, no longer qualifies for official party status. And Green Party Leader Elizabeth May won the party’s first seat, and the right to a place in the next election’s debates.

Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe lost his seat and resigned. Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff lost his riding. Both defeated leaders were squeezed, like many of their candidates, between growth in Conservative support and Jack Layton’s surging New Democrats.

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Darkwater said...

Ya bout really. I liked the minority governments but after so many I'm sick of voting every couple years. Waste of time and my tax dollars.

Best part was that the bloc died last night. Just hope it doesn't spur another round of separatist fervor in 5 years