Thursday, November 25, 2010

More on Iran's West African Debacle

Consider this a followup to an earlier CompHyp thread:

A lot of thoughts on how and why Iran got into this mess by Robert Tait at RFE/RL. He links the November 19th heroin seizure in Nigeria to the larger problem of the arms smuggling, and his sources see the latter as a Pasdaran (IRGC) operation involving someone greedy opportunists in the Government of The Gambia. Hmm.

The Nigerian Government is certainly not taking this at all lightly. They have gone with charges against one Iranian and three Nigerians and have laid the accusation of this being an IRGC operation:
Azim Adhajani, identified on the charge sheet as a Tehran-based businessman and member of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps, was charged alongside an alleged Nigerian accomplice with the importation of prohibited firearms.
They actually had two Iranians on the hook when this broke, but one had diplomatic immunity and got out of the country in the company of Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki shortly after this case broke. As usual.

Should be a lovely trial.

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