Friday, November 19, 2010

More land seizures

Here's the story, minus the identifying marks for now:
As part of its policy to seize and occupy agricultural lands, the **** government plans to seize some 450,000 hectares of lands (1,111,974 acres) in 2011, said **** ***, the Vice Minister of Agroproductive Circuits, Ministry of Agriculture and Lands (MAT). The ministry's budget includes (currency name) 17.9 billion (USD 4.16 billion) to seize lands.

The Executive Office told the National Assembly's Committee on Finance that ever since the Law on Lands became effective, **** authorities have seized 3 million hectares, while other 14.1 million hectares have been duly legalized.
Sound familiar?

Sure is a big budget there. Given the lack of meaningful compensation for many of the seizures, there sure is a lot of the local currency floating around to reward friends-of-the-authorities, isn't there?

Any guess as to where this is happening?

Because after all, in a Socialist Worker's Paradise, property is only held by the State... if they let you "own" it, it is merely an illusion that comes undone whenever the State decides you "don't".

Here's your answer as to where, this time: *link*

Oh and by the way, between the 30% inflation rate and the estimated 15% devaluation coming in 2011 for said local currency, if one was lucky enough to actually get compensated for a land seizure, your compensation will next year be worth 1/2 of what it is now... and with the currency controls, good luck getting any of it changed into a hard currency.

An economy built on fraudulent valuation and State compulsion. Another great nation brought down by kleptocratic leaders.

How many more times does this lesson need to be taught?

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Marie said...

This land grab has been going on for a long time, it's just gotten a bit more blatant now. He doesn't have to keep it partially under wraps anymore. The saddest thing is that the Venezuelan government has always... even pre-Chavez --- been the largest landowner. It owns enough land to give away to those who want to work it, as in fact was done before. Farmers were allotted plots of land for as long as they wanted to work them. There is no need to confiscate this land, and the sad part is that whatever is taken over is run into the ground.