Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday-Go-to-Meeting Push

Still getting the pace back, but better every day.

I've got two things to talk about here queued up for early in the week, so come back soon.

This thread is left open for comments if you have any topics you'd like discussed, or suggestions as to things to look into in more detail here. The usual rules still apply: Play Nice.

As always, thank you all for coming here.


Will said...

I was surprised to read about Yukio Ubukata criticizing Ozawa and yet keeping his job. (read here)

I think there must be something going on here I don't know about. Comments?

L.Douglas Garrett said...


It's a little bit of a mystery, but I'd venture the opinion that as I. Ozawa has been *on the very edge* of being indicted for financial misdeeds, and Y. Hatoyama (who hasn't been Mr. Clean himself) has made a rather big deal of asserting himself as at least Ozawa's equal in the DPJ, it may well be that enough of the Hatoyama loyalists and other members outside Ozawa's little pyramid-of-power made a little powerplay of their own to have Ozawa eat a bit of crow. It would match the report of Ozawa walking out of the meeting with Y. Ubukata after the formalities of apologetic acceptance were fulfilled...

I'm watching all this fairly closely, and I'll post a thread on it if anything breaks. Thanks for asking!

Marie said...

This sounds simplistic and it probably is, but just from your comments it seems to me to be a bit of "birds of a feather," or "I know what you did last summer," so that they basically have to make nice to each other. Honor among thieves?

Susan said...
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L.Douglas Garrett said...


(slow reply; my apologies)

Sort of... but more of political gamesmanship within a party. I. Ozawa was making like it was his party to run, and this little tiff at least presents the image that he is not the end-all-be-all of the Democratic Party of Japan.


"Everyone under the sun can talk about honor, but it really does not exist!"

You are welcome to come say that to my face. First, you'll get a little lesson in how I respond to personal insults; then, I'll happily explain to you the nature of honour.

I'd also seriously reconsider your tone simply on the basis of the fact that you are talking to someone *who donates money to support your animal rescue efforts* as well as does his own.

"TO be perfectly honest with you, I really don't give a crap about the world's events... "

Seems to be a common problem these days.

Susan said...

it wasn't directed to you, LDG-

L.Douglas Garrett said...


"it wasn't directed to you, LDG-"

In the words of the ancient sages... then Be Careful Where You Point That Thing.