Thursday, March 25, 2010

Slowly, slowly

...getting back into the grind.

I'm actually surprised it took this long. Perhaps it is just the unfortunate fact that I had little care for what was happening outside what needed to be done; perhaps it was an overdose of politics applied at the same time as obligations here took up far too much of my time.

Some lessons learned:

. Equally applicable to both my last country-of-residence and my current one, There Is No Trusting Democratic Parties. There are good people *in* both the Democratic Party of Japan and the U.S. Democratic Party, but they are minnows in a sea of Statist sharks. The powers-that-be, in both parties, are each in their unique ways opportunist demagogues antithetical to Representative Governance. cf. Ozawa Ichirou (I. Ozawa) and Nancy Pelosi, just to pick a couple easy examples.

.. Very, very few people care about politics and politically charged matters (like oh say National Defense) *until* they are personally threatened with injury. The ones that do have almost all either lived in or spent a large part of their lives in the company of exiles from countries that have allowed Statism to trump Liberty. They know what it means to have Liberty by the simple example of having seen what it is like to not have it. Whether they were the oppressed who cast off a national tradition of Tyranny or the once-free who faced the loss of everything they had when the oppressors came into power, they *know* what is wrong with Statism, be it Stalinism, National Socialism, the Theocrats or the petty dictators who wrap themselves in the cloth of Social agendas while making certain that they are "more equal" than others... and often steal to do so.

... As far as countries go, your laws, your constitution, your system of social and political order *do not* have to stand up to the test of an Ethical Defense. They need only fulfill the forms of legitimacy to be granted international acceptance *until* another power that has interests different than yours and the power to enforce its interests comes over and kicks sand in your face. So long as that power's interests are aligned with what you are doing, you can even be granted legitimacy without fulfilling the forms. Compare and Contrast: Honduras forcing out M. Zelaya; Niger's Military overthrowing the Presidency of Mamadou Tandja. One entirely legitimate but villainized; the other legitimate-only-by-its-necessity but almost applauded.

.... (Lesson Relearned) Just because it is "my" country, it doesn't make what they are doing right. Same for "my" team, "my" party or "my" faction. One need only look at the manipulations of the rules in international political matters that happens when a nation's short term interests are deemed more important than making the ethical choice to see that go the wrong way. See Japan's recent performance at the CITES conference regarding the collapse of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna stocks to see a prime example in the shame department. It is still "My" Country, Right or Wrong, but it is as much my job to point out when 'wrong' is what is happening as it is to cheer for 'right'. Double that when 'wrong' is also 'stupid'.

..... What I do here is a single candle. I can not, and should not, expect that it either lights a great space nor that it kindles a larger fire. It, at best, helps a few people know a little bit more and be a little bit better at choosing sides when contentious issues arise. Sometimes I can correct misapprehensions; more often I can just call things as I see them and then like the proverbial "successful teacher" have the pride of seeing someone who listened to me once go on to demonstrate that they are better for having done so. Agree or disagree, that matters not. That they do so in an informed way is the only reward.

...... There is no "going home". For one thing, there was no "home town" in my case. I get to visit the "home" of some of my family members from time to time (not often enough, sadly), but there was no sense of any one place really being "home". Here in my latest and hopefully last adopted country, I have my own family; my own house; some modest amount of purpose. I've lived in this town longer that any other single town in my entire life. Call me a colonial if you will; I come from a long line of folks who picked up and moved, sometimes not at a choice of their own, but when they did move they found a way to build upon their love of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Property (John Locke's inspiration, carried into words by the Virginia Declaration and slightly reworded by Thomas Jefferson and Co. in the USDOI). With that, I can but only add '...that may my presence here make a difference for good'.

....... there has been more, but that's enough for now.

So, with gentle regrets for time absent,

Here's to doing more of that "make a difference" goal.

My deepest thanks to those who have supported what I do, and I'll keep at it.

Lord knows, there is enough to keep me busy.


Marie said...

Ah, my dear, it is from that one candle that other candles sputter and get their fire and that fire eventually leads to a conflagration. Here's hoping that yours is just the first of many candles that will light the way to a resurgence of what it means to be a free citizen, with the freedom to decide what one wants to do and to pursue a dream, without "big brother's" intrusion.

In your own way, you are contributing to lighting the path for others to follow. Never underestimate or undervalue what you are doing.

un abrazo,

Marie said...

Here's something catchy I read by a commenter who goes by the nic NEO

“So now we have the historical procession: the New Deal, the Square Deal, and the “Big F**n Deal.”

I thought it was succinctly appropriate, don't you think?

L.Douglas Garrett said...


re: "Here's hoping..."

Thank you most kindly. Here's hoping indeed.

re: "succinctly appropriate"

It's catchy. ((snort))

US VP Biden... once again providing immortal prose... oh brudder.

Susan said...

For myself, I have totally become disengaged....

I will say when I have watched the bits and pieces here, alarm sets in but I have to for me, not let the fear get the best of me or it will ruin my daily life.

I also believe the people have caused in the fact the states within this country are running on low budgets.

Enough of scamming food stamps, disability profits, falsifying social security numbers, filling up the emergency rooms because your child has a nose bleed...

Taking and using this resources was the start of this chara decline.

Maybe keeping your family numbers down as to kids, 2, instead of four, would help the population growth and less freebies to be given.

And... spade/neuter your animals.
Do you know how much money could be saved... within the states?

I am more like in the infrastructure than the whole big picture of a President who is using Aladdin's lamp.

Bottom line... anyone can bitch all they want but maybe these should do a check on what they did to help deplete the economy for funds which should be used for those only qualified to use!

And maybe they should take a check on how their diets, controlled by fat and high pressure, could take a change by eating more carefully and being more diligent on exercise.. this would totally take care of much moolah for health care!

Ken is a diabetic.. so I make sure the numbers run right, hence, he only has to have the meds prescribed for survival-- Novolog and Lantus-- nothing else... because watching his numbers puts him in a safe health mode.... but those others don't do this, so they have amputations, cardio issues, neuropathy, etc....
All because they didn't want to poke their finger to read the results.
So this is not all about Obama's unrealistic health care but also how we, as people, have abused the health care system...

And not only the health care system but trying to always use or find a way to get by.

So far on this street, I have counted 11 houses gone because of fake social security numbers and bogus names which the Bank gave to these people.

It appears to me that there is so much scam... and ignorance... and indifference.

Given our open heart and generosity as the doors have been open since when, since Madison, Jackson, Adams et al tried to make this a republic.

These guys never did forsee the population explosion and what would become... No fault on them!

Michelle should be pro active for small families and she should go visit the ghetto areas and talk about teen-age pregnancies and on preventive.

Because the Obama's only cover tele screen and getting out there and sending a message would be so beneficial. Hit the road, Jack!

Cleaning up the streets would be a good start instead of jumpimg on the band wagon and hollering CHANGE!

He just had to be President~ a psuedo idealogical, media egotist, to fullfill his insecurites---

I think he loves his daughters and wife and maybe Bo!

The more internal issues should be a focus!

And I fault people here and not the gov't....

It is all about what you can get sometmes, for free, and not realizing the effect--- after millions were spent on you!

And now the hole is way deep!


Susan said...

As for Biden remark--

I probably would have used the same expletive--

The White House are pretty liberal and these are some of the blurbs.
COCKY... maybe.

Joe seems like act he is on a vacation all the time.

My words to Joe:
Vir sapit qui pauca loquitur. It is a wise man who speaks little.

Susan said...

and my candles got to go on Maru's grave.
I just cleaned out the backyard and Maru's grave got a whole new look!

I lit two for him tonight as I did not want him to feel forgotten..

I like candles- LOL

Susan said...

Speaking of animals--

here is my email I just received (from Kathy)

I just contacted my representatives asking them to enact an animal abuser registry in my state. I urge you to do the same!

Communities have good reason to be concerned about the whereabouts of animal abusers. In story after heartbreaking story, abusers repeat their violent crimes against helpless animals, and often go on to victimize people as well.

Mandatory registration and community notification for convicted animal abusers will make a dramatic difference in keeping offenders away from potential new victims by allowing animal shelters and humane societies to more thoroughly screen potential adopters - and by alerting the public to the whereabouts of dangerous abusers.

Keep your animals and community safe by signing on to demand that your state require animal abusers register with their communities.

Go to to sign the petition today!

Susan said...


Obama doesn't bother me because he has no credibility but what bothers me are the criers!

Go fix it on your capabilities, by making a change!

You would be so surprised if one walked out the door and could see around their exterior...and in two seconds, make a difference.

But this would take action, alas, many people just don't want to--

It is not my responsibilty...

Hence, the attitude

SO it goes! LOL

L.Douglas Garrett said...


It all does frustrate, doesn't it?

I *know* you do take responsibility for what you do, and do a lot of very hard work because of that. Be of some small cheer that there are signs that the people (as in We, The People,...) are getting a reminder that giving up Liberty for supposed security, like giving up Responsibility and allowing a blameless collective, is a very *very* bad idea. There may yet be a good outcome to all this. It's just going to take work... but it always does.


Maru. Brave Maru; I do miss him. Please set a candle there from all of us (LDG family) here as well.

Susan said...

Hi there!

Speaking of Maru, your package is out next week-end! I am so sorry for the delay!!!! But out it goes on Saturday as I have to be in Phoenix and I plan on sending out then!!!

I stand by what I said about people whining all the time and not doing chara!

For example: we have a issue coming up here in this state on a 1% being taxed on food since food is not taxed. If this doesn't go through, there will be a 10% cut on state agencies such as home health care, health care, et al!

I have been trying to put the word out about voting yes for the tax on food and by God, it is like pulling wisdom teeth- people would rather take another 10% cut on the state budget than pay a lousy 1% tax on food! These free loaders just screwed up their freebies!
And then cry all day long about anything and everything! sitting! LOL

L.Douglas Garrett said...


Thank you every so kindly for thinking of us here.

Also, re: "For example" ~ I'd have to check, as I don't recall whether AZ is a property tax and/or income tax state, or what the consumption tax (sales tax) is there right now, but a general caution would be that states almost always threaten cuts in essential or highly desired services to encourage support for a new tax, and rarely make much discussion as to how much revenue they are currently taking in. *If* AZ is terribly revenue poor (ex: they used to make a lot of tax revenues from mining concessions, which are now closed), then they may not have a sustainable revenue stream and *might* really need the money to keep health services et al up and running... but I would hazard the guess that isn't the case. Far more likely is that they'd (the state) rather keep funding the Department of Redundancy Department so they claim to not be able to fund health services without a tax increase. cf. California's constant threats to cut back on wildfire protection while they run the most expensive and least effective (nearly, 47th in the nation IIRC) public education system in the nation.