Saturday, June 12, 2010

Freedom for Iran: One year since...

It has been one year since the Green Movement came out in opposition to the rigged re-election of M. Ahmadinejad and regime. A year filled with faint hope and tragic losses for the Opposition.

Things are no better today. The thugs, and the security forces of the government, are out in massive force to prevent any anniversary protests.

Somehow, in spite of that, the Green Movement remains alive. Perhaps only clinging to life, but still it goes forward.
However, in a fresh statement issued late on June 11 night, Musavi suggested a change of opposition tactics to enable dissent to continue. Vowing to “continue our peaceful methods,” he said that while the opposition “may put off its presence in one arena,” it would pursue other avenues.

Speaking to Karrubi’s website, Sahamnews, Musavi said Iran's rulers had turned away from the goals of the revolution and the constitution and accused them of “shutting peoples' mouths, banning the media, holding elections as we saw last year, and filling the prisons” with their opponents. But he said the opposition movement must stay “alive as [the rulers] will be afraid of this very thing.”

Rather than demonstrations, he said the opposition must use different methods to spread its message, including “real and virtual social networks.” “We expand films shot on cell phones...are our best instruments. They act like an army," he said.
That's all they have for now.

But, going back to the BBC article first cited,
Mr Ahmadinejad's government continues to be tellingly nervous about its hold on power. It has been steadily tightening its grip on the media and the internet, and even warning foreign exiles not to speak out.

The opposition seem to have run out of ideas. Many Iranians are now reduced to sullen acquiescence. The government's next big problem looks to be the economy: with falling oil revenues, it could be, fairly rapidly, running out of money.
Gee, that would be too bad if Ahmadinejad ran out of money. He might have to cut back on subsidies to all manner of nasty characters (Like *this*, just to pick the latest example) out to cause mayhem in the world.

I'd say this is a good start even if it is a year (years?) late and the Obama administration wants to undermine it before it even gets out of the Congress.

A Green Movement Iran might not be ideal in a realpolitik sense, but it certainly would be better in a moral sense than the Pasdaran (IRGC) rats running Iran now... and their word in negotiations might be worth something.

Hope for a Free Iran.

Help create one in any way you can.

Plan as if it won't happen.


susan said...

not in your lifetime or mine- freedom for Iran....
Chavez is got some deals going on there as with Russia? Nuclear plants?

Susan said...

looks like i have lots to read here.