Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Roy Bennett Acquitted

This Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) item came in yesterday, and it is most welcome news indeed: Roy Bennett acquitted of all charges.
"Having carefully considered the facts, I come to the conclusion that the state has failed to prove a prima facie case," said Judge Chinembiri Bhunu.

"The accused is accordingly found not guilty."
Magnificent. All the fabricated evidence the Mugabe regime threw at the case also was tossed out.

He's a free man, again.

Now let us see if the "Unity Government" is able to get him confirmed in his appointment as Deputy Agriculture Minister...
Roy Bennett's deployment to the agriculture ministry irked the security services and top Zanu-PF officials, many of whom benefited from the land reform programme.

It is unlikely that President Mugabe will accommodate Mr Bennett or allow him near controversial files that might expose the rot.

There is a general expectation Mr Mugabe will dig in and the MDC will again cry foul despite the acquittal.

Should Mr Mugabe climb down and swear him in, it would be a huge political statement.
--comments Brian Hungwe for the BBC.

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